Saturday, 15 May 2010

Great Escape: Friday

Othello Wolf playing in Beyond Retro. His sound was pretty generic if I'm honest but the Keyboardist was an absolute f o x.

Akin interviewing the amazing Alice Russell. Missed her gig unfortunately but heard her sound check.

This is a man from a band called 'Midnight Beast'. I have no idea who they are but some kids told me they were 'big on youtube'.

I'm obviously too old for it as they had a MASSIVE turnout.

Peggy Sue (no more Pirates) acoustic.



So beautiful and so fit. The best gig of the day.

Andy picked up this hat for Real Estate earlier in the day. This Buds for you.

OMG by Usher was playing from this dudes left shoe. In his left hand....

Fiery Furnaces. She's quite hot in a 'My name is Patti Smith' way.


Delphic at the Dome. The stage show was pretty impressive, until Ben was sick all into his hands.

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